Fulcrum 1.9.1 released 09 Apr 2023

Fulcrum 1.9.1

What’s new:

This is a quality-of-life minor maintenance release of Fulcrum. It adds a couple of small but useful features (as requested by users), and updates the server lists for BCH. Upgrading to this version is optional but as always, recommended.

Summary of changes:

  • Minor fix for cashaddr parsing
  • Added Electrum protocol version(s) to program --version output
  • Updated BCH mainnet server lists
  • Minor build fix: Make compilation of sha256_sse4.cpp ASM extensions really not compile in the !USE_ASM configuration
  • Added anon_logs configuration option. If set to anon_logs = true in the conf file, IP addresses and TXIDs will be hidden from any non-debug-level logs.
  • Added support for reading configuration file vars from the environment. Useful for docker setups. Specify _ENV_ as the configuration „file“ and then no actual file is really read, just the process’s environment is scanned for conf vars.
  • Added CLI arg --pidfile <file> and/or conf file variable pidfile = <file>. If set, the Fulcrum process will write its PID to this file on program startup (and will delete the file on program exit).
  • Minor build fixup for macOS + Qt 6.5.0
  • Misc. other minor build fixes for GCC 13.
  • Added the query command to the FulcrumAdmin script. This works exactly like the same command in ElectrumX’s electrumx_rpc admin script. It allows one to query balance, history, and unspent outputs for any address or script output.

ThX 2 cculianu :100:

Installation & Update

Fulcrum Installation auf Linux X86